You And Your ‘Intellectual Property’

Doston* Tervetuloa**!

Here is a story concerning you. You work hard and establish a company. Your company builds its ‘intellectual property’. There are logos, trademarks, copyrights and patents. But then, someone else decides to use them without your permission. What would you do?

Perhaps you might find similarities in a recent article Helsingin Sanomat published. Here,  You can also check it here, Helsingin Sanomat VR logo Article

The article reports violation of a Finnish trademark in India. It appears that that an Indian logistics company is using the logo of the Finnish ‘VR Group’. Therefore, it appears to be a question of infringement of an intellectual property. What would you do if the subject of violation is your company’s trademark or logo? How would you defend your intellectual property from infringement?

Now let me turn to the trademark law in India. It is regulated by the central (federal) law ‘The Trademark Act, 1999’ and its rules. Yet, other laws and legislations such as ‘The Civil Procedure Code, 1908’ need to be honored. One needs to navigate through the nuances of the unique Indian legal set up composed of laws, legislations and network of courts spread across 28 states and 9 union territories.

If you notice that your trademark or logo like ‘VR Matkalla’ is violated, contacting a local lawyer is always your best bet. We also offer a variety of trademark related services to solve your trademark issues.

For more information contact our multi-cultural and multi-lingual team!






*Doston = ‘Friends’ in multiple Indian languages.

**Tervetuloa = Welcome in Finnish.


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