Welcome! Tervetuloa!

Doston* Tervetuloa**!

What if you and your business aspires to have a clientele in hundreds… no perhaps thousands… wait, perhaps hundred thousands… hmm… maybe million… perhaps billion? How about 1.36 billion and counting?

Sounds familiar, right? Yupe! this is India a geographically huge country with a huge market. This vastness also means market and demand in multiple fields. A big huge clientele for your business. Technology, garment, fashion, food, yoga, environment products, education, sport, IT… you name it… there is a market to explore!

Simultaneously, Finland is a hub of industries such as education, gamification industry (Angry Birds!), tourism and IT industry. Here is another market to explore!

What if this market is being made more conducive? Well, the Finnish and Indian governments are quite keen on exploring these markets. Various collaborative efforts are being made with a vision to create and cater to sustainable economies.

If you want to explore these markets, let us know. We, SAARV.fi are a business- and business-related consultancy who can guide you through the cultural, legal, business and other nuances for a smooth business ride.

Contact us for further details…


*Doston = ‘Friends’ in multiple Indian languages
**Tervetuloa = ‘Welcome’ in Finnish.


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