International, Glocal, Opportunities and You

Doston* Tervetuloa**!

Do we create the world? Or does the world creates us?  Ahem! At first glance it appears to be a chicken and a egg story. Did the chicken arrive first or the egg? Hmm… however the world and us are a different story.  Hmm… actually it is a reciprocative process. We and the world around us are in constant flux. We and the world around us are always evolving. Thus, as much as the world creates us… so do we create this world.

Internationalization is the above process at a broader scale. This is a movement of goods, services, ideas, opportunities, culture, entrepreunership, education, people…that cross their national borders. It is here where the  ‘global’ meets the ‘local’ and the ‘local’ is exposed to the ‘global’. This creates a novel space often addressed as the ‘glocal’.  A space to create new moments, memories, opportunities, bonds and avenues… served, experienced, enjoyed, savoured and relished.

In this context, on 8.12.21  Riitta Kemppainnen-Koivisto interviewed Nafisa Yeasmin, Luiz De Mello and me for  ‘Uusi Rovaniemi’. The topic was Rovaniemi (Lapland): its internationaliztion, English as a tool of internationalization and also as an educational instruction mode. The interview is shared in this post.

Isn’t internationalization and glocalization exciting?  Perhaps you would like to be a part too. Explore new avenues. Look for novel opportunities. Establish new busniess. Meet exciting people. Forge new bonds.

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*Doston = ‘Friends’ in multiple Indian languages.

**Tervetuloa = Welcome in Finnish.


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