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What Does SAARV mean?

SAARV is a derivation of the Sanskrit word ‘international’ or ‘global’..

Our consultancy’s prospectus is aligned to such an international approach. We are registered in Finland having operations and an expert network in Finland and India. Our future prospectus includes expansion in the Nordic region and the European Union.

Our Mission

Facilitating international business globally

Our consultancy’s prospectus is aligned towards an international approach. We have operations and an expert network in Finland and India. Hence, we facilitate international business in Finland and India across differences such as cultural, linguistic, business or legal. Our future prospectus includes expansion in the Nordic region and European Union.

Our Story

It begun with an idea!

SAARV is a result of an idea lighting up another idea ...and when these multiple ideas meet together ... it creates a platform. So, Anu had a bright idea, she identified spaces of demand for expertise. First, a lack and demand of Indian expertise in Finland. Second, lack and demand of Finnish expertise in India. She then conversed with Jaakko, who brought in his ideas. ... and SAARV was created.

Our Story

It begun with an idea!

Industry Segments

We serve clients across industries and provide optimal solutions to start-ups and individual professionals and also established entities such as firms, public institutes and private organizations.



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Who we are?

We are professionals dedicated to empower businesses and other related services in Finland and India... Consistently and Efficiently!

SAARV offers consultancy services to business related services such as, immigration, legal, intellectual property (trademark, copyright, patent), IT, game publishing and contracts. Our understanding of the market, in-depth analysis, knowledge and experience of multiple business and legal systems enable us to provide optimal solutions to our clients.

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Our Expertise

Expertise in business-related services such as immigration, legal, intellectual property (trademark, copyright, patent), IT, game publishing-related services and contracts.

Our Team

Anuradha Nayak

Founder & Partner

- BSc, LLB (India),
- LLM, Grad. Dip. in International Law (Australia),
- Doctoral Researcher (Finland)

  • +358 0469 680 231

Anuradha is a licensed litigator and legal counsellor from India with expertise and experience in business and legal matters including litigation, intellectual property and contracts. Her research is on international legalese. She has years of international experience in Finland, India and Australia, in industry, research and academia. This makes her a savvy consultant aware of the present practical details of various business cultures, international legal structures, work ethics, legal issues and cultural differences. Her familial business background and being a people’s person is an advantage to connect with clients from various backgrounds, understand their business issues and locate solutions so that clients achieve their goals.

Jaakko Rastas

Founder & Partner

- LLB,
- LLM (Finland)

  • +358 0469 680 231

Jaakko is an expert on immigration and IPR matters with years of experience in handling copyright disputes and consulting on immigration matters. An avid programmer in his free time, Jaakko has excellent insight on today’s technology and on the legal issues tech companies and start-ups face in today’s landscape. His research is focused on the relationship between different legal systems making him an expert on international matters and how to convert client’s requests to fit in the legal system of another country.

SAARV is a team of international business and legal consultants

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